Our House - down at the end of the street

Fairlle and James are getting a house built. Watch the house take shape here.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wow. 2 years of no news on the house!

First semi-major issue popped up.
We had a leak.
It started small, but then started flowing over the sidewalk.
So, I had to call in a plumber, and start freaking. Let me tell you, that was a waste of time.
I called S & K Plumbing, and they sent Brian. He was prompt, professional, and fixed the problem well, and fast.
If you need any kind of plumbing work done, give them a call.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Yard Work is fast becoming the bane of my existence

After working 12 hour days with the Comic Convention this past weekend, I was looking forward to Monday so I could rest, little knowing that Fairlle had chosen for me to do yard work that day.
I added some black hardwood mulch to the tree and bushes in the front, and ran some fertilizer on the front and back yards.
Not too bad, and maybe it will help our grass thicken and grow some.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Yard work stinks.

Had my first experiance with yardwork on my own yard.
It wasn't fun. 9:00 on a Saturday morning, following a mower over the yard. The front wasn't too bad, but man that backyard had gotten kind of overgrown. It was like braving the wilds getting back there.
But I got it done.
For this week, anyway.
Updated pictures coming soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

coming up on 2 weeks in the house

This weekend marks 2 weeks that we will have been in the house. We're slowly but surely getting situated. Getting blinds up and boxes unpacked and in place. Don't ask about the garage. that will be a chore. Soon we will have internet and Dish service at the house, which will make it that much more comfortable.
There should be a housewarming party (or two) soon. Keep an eye on your email or snail mail and you should see an invitation once we pick a date.
Thanks to everyone for their warm wishes as we get through all of this.

Monday, July 25, 2005


After so many papers signed, the house is finally ours.
The moment was so sweet. and then began the shopping at Home Depot, then Priming and getting the Garage ready for paint.
Then, comes the big move. Can always use more help, so email me if you would like to assist us.

Friday, July 22, 2005

wow. scary. we just went to Lowe's and dropped a big chunk of money on a refrigerator to be delivered to the house next week. That' a lot of money, but it's worth it to have fresh food and cold beer readily available.
Working on getting the utilities switched/cancelled/transferred, whatever.
Have water and electric done, phone and cable is next.
There's no cable service to my neighborhood, but we've been approached by 2 different guys offering us Dish service. Not sure I trust some random guy on the street, so I may just add Dish to my phone service (oh, and i have to have DSL, since no cable=no cable internet)
The closing is REALLY soon. we do a final walkthrough and make sure all the 'issues' have been addressed, and then go sign some papers, and then the house is mine. Ours. Hers. whichever.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Here is our living room as seen from the front door/powder room area.
It kind of encompasses a living room/sitting area kind of feel.
Nice light, which after the apartments that we have lived in the past few years will definitely take some getting used to.

Here is the front door as seen from the living room. You can see the stairs and the pass-through wall. (those are probably my shoes on the floor there) The wall helps to separate the formal living room (or whatever it ends up being) from the family room while still giving the open feel.

This is our kitchen. It seems a little bare, mainly because of the lack of refrigerator. It is cheaper for us to go ahead and get it when we move in, so we're doing that. (If you have any spare Lowe's gift cards, we'll gladly accept them ;-) )
The Vent hood will shortly be replaced by a microwave/vent once we move in. That long thing is going to be the top of the wall separating the sink/dishwasher form the dining nook. It should be shorter when we move in. But you never know.

Speaking of which, here is our dining nook with the atrium style doors. Not sure that our current dining room table will fit there, but we'll figure something out. Again, great light, and a nice open space.

At the top of our stairs are the office, the guest room, and the 'game room' (How can it be the 'game room' if I am not allowed to get a Dig Dug machine in there, eh?) It should be a nice little area to relax, anyway, or games with friends..

Hope you liked that mini-tour of the soon to be homestead! Be on the lookout for your invitation to the housewarming party and/or the begging to help us move!